Glowstone Lighting

Glowstone Lighting

High Quality Outdoor Lighting For Everyday And Holidays

Dependable Roofing has partnered with Glowstone Lighting to offer high quality outdoor lighting for your home that you will love all year round.  The added bonus is that the lights that you enjoy all year round can be switched over to high quality Holiday lighting too!  No more climbing up ladders to put up holiday lighting, and then again to take them down.

In fact, you'll have full control of colours, animations, brightness and speed giving you millions of possible looks.  Celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Anniversaries and your favorite teams too!  All from an app on your phone.

Glowstone Lighting provides high quality outdoor lighting starting at $25 per foot.  Payment plans are available.

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Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting

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If you live in Southern Ontario and west of Toronto, contact us for a quote.  We install GlowStone lighting in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

What Makes GlowStone Lighting The Best?

We selected GlowStone Lighting for our customers for many reasons including;

  • They are the only company in Canada to offer a light with a low temperature rating of -55 degrees, most are only rated to -20 degrees.
  • They are the only company in Canada whose lights are fireproof rated at all. ​
  • They allow you to easily customize your Warm White colour to the exact shade you like. ​
  • They Solder & Heat Shrink all connections for the most reliable and longest lasting installation.​  They don't use Plastic and Copper connections, which will likely fail in 2 - 5 years of Canadian weather.

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